How to Make Leather Baby Moccasins

It's no secret that I've been in the moccasin game for a few years now.  With the decision to put shoe making on the back burner, I thought it would be nice to create a tutorial for making moccasins, in case you're feeling particularly crafty.  

Aside from a couple of fun projects with my Granny, and 8th grade home-ec, I basically taught myself to sew by figuring out how to make leather baby moccasins.  Once I found a pattern that worked nicely, I created a variety of sizes.  
These moccasins can be made by anyone with a sewing machine, depending on how thick your leather is.  I recommend a leather that is approximately 3 oz, so that it's thick enough to hold up to wear and tear and to protect your child's foot, but won't be too thick to sew with a standard sewing machine.

The best part about this pattern, it can easily be adjusted for babes with chubby feet!  Simply make the top piece (the one that looks like a hill) wider (like a less-steep hill).  

You can find the patterns for baby and children's sizes 1-10, along with a step by step tutorial over in the ETSY shop. 

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