90's Day

Sunday we woke up itching.  Itching to go somewhere. Do something.  Be outside.  

Bent suggested a road trip, and I was feeling nostalgic, so we headed to my old town.

The boys grabbed their road trip entertainment (Bent brought a book, and Cole brought a notebook and a pen, which made me feel even more nostalgic: 90's baby! When those were your items of choice on a road trip rather than "can we: bring our tablets/dvd players/use your phone."), and we set off.  We jammed out to all our favorite songs on the way and when the boys were tired of their books, they just looked out the window and let their minds wander.  

azaleas at rainbow springs

When we arrived we found that the azaleas were in full bloom, and many of the other trees were spotted with new buds or beginning to bloom - yes it's February, but it's Florida, "winter" is only 2 month long here. Everything was beautiful.  

We set up blankets on the hill, kicked off our shoes, and I read my book (but  mostly people watched), while the boys played ball until they were breathless and glistening with sweat.

We took a stroll along the gardens, took in the waterfalls, attempted one of the back trails, and debated jumping in the river, but decided against it since we were running out of light and didn't want to make the drive home soaking wet. 

The boys truly enjoy days like this. Days that cost little to nothing except time, and that bring adventure and memories.  

raising wild folk
raising wild folk
  raising wild folk

My goal for 2017 was to "Be Here Now," and after an entire year of reciting that mantra, I find it much easier to live every moment as it happens, and cast aside worries and regrets.  

2018 is my "year of the 90's."  1990's, that is.  When there was just enough technology to make life a bit more convenient, but not so much as to swallow you whole and make you forget about the beautiful world around you.  

In the 90's you had to make your own fun, use your imagination, play outside. If the weather was bad, you could come in and watch tv, or play a video game, but it wasn't life.  Cole and Bent aren't technology obsessed, but Jon and I feel everyone benefits from adventure, exploration, and outside time, so we are making it our goal this year to provide the right environment for the kids to experience life in this way.

We could all do with a little less technology, a little more nature, and a lot more imagining. 

If you're local, or road tripping through Florida, I cannot recommend Rainbow Springs State Park enough (yes, I might be a little biased since it's where I'm from, but it really is beautiful). It's only $2 per person, and if you pack a picnic, you can easily spend the entire day there swimming, canoeing, trekking, and soaking in what's beautiful about Florida.

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