Into the Woods

We meant to start the new year in the woods.  To set the tone for the year by making it a point to do what we wanted to be sure we'd do more of - nature related activities.  And then, life happened.  We had errands to run, one of which required us to travel to a neighboring town 30 miles away, and we didn't make it back before sunset.
It had me feeling crabby, unaccomplished, and worried that 2017 would end up a bit too much like 2016 with "worldy things" taking up way more of my time than I'd like.
As it turns out, the weekend left us able to complete a huge house project that has been on our to-do list since we bought our home over a year ago, leaving us feeling very accomplished, and freeing up this weekend for some nature time.
In the week between, Bent has developed an interest in photography, and has been snapping pictures of everything in his path.  He couldn't wait to hit the trails and find new subjects. His newfound interest has helped him become so much more aware and observant.  He realized as we were trekking how many more things looked really cool to him than before.
When the batteries died, he and Jon were quick to spot what looked like train tracks ahead, so we made that our goal - to get to the tracks.
We recently watched Stand by Me with Bent one night after Cole went to bed, and he hasn't stopped talking about it since.  Some of the subject matter may seem a bit harsh for a 9 year old, but that's probably why he liked it so much. It was one of Jon's favorite movies growing up, so he was in heaven.

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