Be here. Now.

Since making the decision to slow my shop way down, I've felt  It's been nothing short of wonderful.
I finally feel like I'm the mother and wife that I used to be.  The one who would love to play a board game (or 5 with her children), or cook a slow, whole foods meal every night, or watch her children do this trick, and this one, and one more time!
I've had time to slow down and be mindful of so much more.
The birds after the rain.
The moon.
The silence of the night on our evening walks.
The crunching of the leaves under our footsteps.
The smell of bonfires in the crisp, cool air.
The sounds from my boys as they play together when we are supposed to be doing school work (because something in me just cannot stop them when they're in the middle of imaginative play).

Mostly, I love watching these two.  The way they interact. The hero worship from Cole for his big brother.  The way it brings out leadership from Bent.
No regrets at all from this mama.

We love supporting fellow handmade businesses.
Geo Bear tee from West of 3rd
Blue Shorties from Cute Little Babes
Come Explore With Me tee from Raconteur Kid

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