Month 12

My wild, sweet, crazy baby boy.  

You've done it!  

You've made it though your first year unscathed (for the most part).  

You've been a bug eating, dirt digging, furniture climbing, pterodactyl screeching, face clawing, food scarfing, log licking, hourly night waking baby - and I wouldn't trade a second of it.  

Thank you, baby boy.  
Thank you for breaking me out of my complacency.  
For helping me remember that it's not about putting myself first.  That I am here to serve. 

Since you've arrived, the calm, quiet life I was living disappreared, and this new life of adventure took its place.  
You've taught me how to notice everything again because of your ability to find even the smallest bugs in the corners and get them into your mouth before I can catch you.

You've reminded me that kids should be dirty.  Children should spend most of their time exploring and adventuring.
Outside ("ot! ot!")     

You've broken us out of the mold we had fallen into, and reminded us where we were and what we'd originally wanted for our children.  

A childhood free of (or at least lacking in) consumerism and stuff.  
Stuff that bogs down your room and your mind, and changes your imagination from limitless possibilities to cookie cutter.  

A childhood filled with adventure.  
With the great outdoors.  
With dirt.  
With mud.

 Thank you for showing us how to find the music in everything.  That a passing train, a running dishwasher, or a spinning fan all have a beat, playing for anyone who should hear.  

And boy do you hear.  When your head tilts to the side and you begin to dance, it makes us stop and search for the rhythm you've picked up.  

Mindfulness, baby boy.  
That's what you've given us.  

And we are so grateful.  


Moccasins + Amber Teething Necklace: The Wild Folk Co

Love God Tees: Vicarious Clothing

Moose Pants: Born Savage

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