After School

The gorgeous weather we had the other day told me it was time to smell the salty air, feel the crunch of the shelly sand under our feet, and listen to the crashing of the waves.  
After School.
In Winter.
Have I mentioned how truly blessed I feel that I get to live here?  Because I do.
The water was still a bit too cold for swimming, so we took a nice, long walk, savoring the warmth of the sun on our skin after this strangely cold winter.
As we left, we stopped for a treat at our favorite ice cream joint, where Bent asked, "Can I just wear my nipples?"  
Oh, that boy.  I love him so.
And the baby was so in awe of it all (I think he was feeling pretty cool in his new shades).

While it's been lovely to see pictures posted of the beautiful snowfalls around the country, I have no doubt that there's nowhere I'd rather be than right here. 

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