4 Months

This month brought with it some serious teething.  Constant drooling, gnawing on anything you could maneuver into your mouth, and major fussies.
You still love to keep your toes curled, only now you have a habit of touching your little feet together in the sweetest way so that they form a little heart.
There's also been a lot of this:
Going on, and your favorite way to sleep now is on your side.  I put you down on your back, but you immediately roll over.
This month started out really rough for both of us.  You started refusing to nurse during the daytime.  I went through my freezer stash and couldn't keep up with pumping, so I introduced supplemental formula which became our nursing death sentence.  You are now completely on formula, and strangely, much less fussy. You are sleeping longer stretches at night now, and cry so much less during the days.  By far, the transition was much more upsetting to me than it was to you, but we are all happy now, and that's what counts.

You are rocking tummy time now, and have discovered that toys are awesome and should all be put in your mouth.  Which infuriates you when come across a toy that's too big.
The motor died on our swing, which we took as a sign that you don't need one anymore.
Best milestone this month - you totally giggle now if I tickle you!! 


  1. Oh such a sweetie! That carpet looks so soft! Excited to follow along! :)

    1. Aw, thanks so much! We actually got the rug from ROSS and I love it. :)


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