Why We're Not Having a Birthday Party

My boy's birthday is coming up, and he's never had a party - well, not one where we invited non-relatives anyway. We always ask him what he wants to do and he's just never wanted a party.  This year, I sort of pushed it.

"Wouldn't it be so fun?  We could invite all of your friends!  We can even rent a bouncy house!"

Well, after all that, who could say no?  Bent agreed that a party would be fun, and after going from a LEGO party, to WWE, to Superhero LEGOs, he finally decided on a Superhero party theme.  We went to the party store and bought decorations - I even made the most adorable invitations using this photo:
It was all planned out.  Down to the Hulk Smash bean bag toss, Kryptonite Krispie Treats, and Spiderman's Web Shooting Station.

And then you know what?

He came to me and said, "Mom, I really don't want a birthday party.  I wish I could go to the hotel that we went to last year with Dad and you and Brother.  And go to the LEGO store to spend my birthday money."

How can you refuse that?

I know there will probably come a day when going to stay overnight with his family will be lame-o, and all he'll want for his birthday will be to hang out with his friends - and definitely not his parents.

So this year, we'll be doing a semi-repeat of last year, staying in a hotel in O-town and hitting up Downtown Disney for the day.  And I will surely cherish the snuggles and giggles at night in our hotel room, and be sure to mark and remember the excitement on his face as he gets to shop through his beloved LEGO store.

Until then, we'll be returning our party supplies - except for the items from the Dollar Tree.  It turns out they don't do returns.

Oh boo.  What ever will we do with 30 cans of "spiderman's webs?"
I think we'll figure something out...

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