Month 2

2 months can't have gone by already.  It seems like we were just welcoming you into the world, and here you are - already giving us sweet baby smiles.
Your thighs are filling up with baby squish, and your arms are becoming your greatest force for discovering.
You love to bat at the toys on your play gym, and you are fascinated by your hands.
You no longer want to be cradled unless you are asleep - there is far too much to see to have your gaze aimed at the ceiling.
You are becoming a mover and shaker, air-swimming much of the day, and it's time to start strapping you in.  Already!  It's so hard to believe.
You celebrated your first Christmas and were loved on by so many.
You had your first official bath (in a bath tub) and didn't cry once.
Our love for your grows stronger and stronger everyday - if that's even possible.
My sweet boy.
My baby.
I love you so.


  1. My nephew is such a cutie!!

  2. Two month !?! He is adorable. I love his hair. He might have more hair than my 19 month old, lol. The one where he is laughing/smile is my fav. I miss the gummy smiles!

    1. lol I keep waiting for it to fall out like his big brother's did, but it hasn't yet. :)

  3. What a cutie. I love his rolls and those big eyes - adorable! :)


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