Oh, my boy.  My sweet, sweet boy.
So kindhearted.  Considerate.  Caring.
To tell the truth, I'm a little jealous of you.
Of what a wonderful person you are.
Of how you always think to include everyone and how your love knows no conditions.  Despite injustices or wrongdoings, you love anyway.  At 6 years old, you are more Christ-like than I can ever hope to be.
The level of empathy you display astounds me.  It always has.  Ever since you were one and would cry at Twinkle Twinkle Little Star because it sounded so sad.
The way you care for your baby brother is nothing short of amazing.  You are like a miniature father to him, and I couldn't be more grateful for what a wonderful role model you are.
Lately you've been dealing with so much.  It must be so hard to learn to share the attention of your parents.  It must be so hard to watch Mom nursing the baby and feeling like he's getting all the snuggles.  To look at your parents eyes while they are gazing at your baby brother with so much love.  To find that your usual spot in their bed is sometimes taken by this new little person in your family.
But sweet boy, let me tell you.  You will always be my baby.  I will always love you Alll The Mosttt!!  I will always have snuggles for you, and I will always give you baby kisses and get all that sugar.
I cherish our evenings together, reading a story in your bed.  I revel in the fact that you love reading as much as I, and that we are into chapter books now.  I'm just waiting for the day you are ready for Harry Potter and hoping you fall in love with it and I can take you to The Wizarding World, just you and I.
I'm grateful that you have such a wonderful father, and that you and he are becoming the best of friends during this time of transition.  I've watched your bond increase tenfold since the new baby has arrived.  I know how much you look forward to "guy time," and even though that means I'm not included, it warms my heart to think of the memories you are making with Dad - something some kids never get that.
Oh, Bent. Mommy's little Goose.  I love you more than you will ever know.


  1. Making me cry here... ;) Beautiful!

  2. Such sweet words! I know that feeling of trying to give each one so much love and worrying how much the older child has had to adjust to. It sounds like Bent is doing great. Isn't it the best seeing the bond with their Daddy. I love seeing my girls bonding with Jon.

    Thanks for sharing with the Mommy Brain Mixer last week. Hope to see you again tomorrow :)


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