Nursery on a Budget

Oh, the ways we change from being a first time parent to a second time parent.  When we were pregnant with Little Guy, we went all out.  All of his nursery furniture was from Babies R Us, and his bedding and decor was all matchy-matchy Amy Coe stuff.  
It was adorable. 
It was expensive.  
It was needless.

When we found out we were pregnant with this baby, I vowed not to get ridiculous and spend a fortune on baby stuff, and you know what?  
It was much easier than I ever thought!
I didn't even have a baby shower because I didn't need or want anyone to spend money on baby stuff that we didn't need.

How did I do it?

By utilizing Craigslist and a local SwipSwap facebook group for babies.

  • I found Baby Boy's crib on Craigslist (and it has the attached changing table with drawers and shelves).
  • Instead of a mobile, which can run from $30+, we found this adorable circus tent from IKEA.
  • I made a circle bunting with scrapbook paper from Michaels, and it happens to be one of Baby Boy's favorite things to look at in his room.

Nursery on a budget

  • I was given a TON of baby clothes.  Mostly hand-me-downs from my nephews, and some new outfits from family members.  We've really only bought a few items ourselves.
  • I scored a Moby Wrap from the local swipswap for only $5!  This was probably one of my favorite deals yet.

I bought the changing table for $10. It was a dirty, ugly, pepto-pink, so I cleaned, sanded, and spray painted it this fun orange color, and use it to hold these bins from Babies R Us.

I bought these seriously economical Cloth Diapers ($5-$8 each!!).

We also bought a pack n' play (which, alternating with our bed, is where Baby Boy currently sleeps) for $30, and a Fisher-Price Cradle 'N Swing, My Little Snugabunny, (which is AWESOME!!) for $50.

All together, Baby Boy's gear has cost us less than $350!!  How amazing is that?!

Next time someone tells you babies are expensive, I'll be here to tell you that certainly don't have to be.

Priceless, yes.
Expensive, no.

**Did you have anything for your first baby that you found to be a huge waste?

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