Pregnancy: 30 Weeks

This Week:
Baby weighs nearly 3 pounds!
Baby is shedding lanugo.

Spinning Babies:  This week I was working to get baby flipped into position.  Some tricks I learned from the Spinning Babies website:
*Don't lounge on the couch.  Try to sit straight with your hips above your knees.
*Crawling around is good for helping baby get into position.
*Try a modified "downward dog" position with your knees on the edge of the couch and your forearms on the floor to help baby turn.
*If you're going to lay down, do it on your left side.

Belly Button:  flat, but nearing an outward position

Cravings:  Yes, randomly.  One day I was dying for a coke (and yes, I know they are terrible for you).  All I really needed was a couple of sips, but for some reason, I just really wanted one.  Also, one day I had to have a burger.  Maybe my body was craving beef?  Lacking iron?  I don't really know, but nothing was going to do unless I ate a burger.  And one night, I literally dreamt about french crullers!

Baby Activity:  This baby is still super active!  No more waiting until the evenings when I sit down to rest. This little one makes his presence known all day long!

Sleep:  Getting worse.  I toss and turn for an hour or two until I can get comfortable enough to finally fall asleep at night.  And then in the morning, when I'm actually sleeping nicely, I have to get up because Little Guy has gone back to school!

Exercise:  Walking about 20 minutes 3-4 times a week.

Baby Purchases:  A pepto-pink changing table for $10, that I cleaned up and painted a fun orange!  Also, my parents bought Baby Boo Boo a travel system that I just love from Babies R Us! :)

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