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I'm so excited to join Nicolette of Working on a Project and Susi of Boca Frau and be a part of the Focus On Mom challenge this month!  

Have you ever flipped through one of your photobooks or looked through your Facebook and think, "I love pictures of my family, but you'd never even know I was a part of it!  I'm not in any pictures!"  I sure have!

Basically, Nicolette noticed how we as moms are always the ones taking the pictures, but never actually in any pictures.  This project is going to change that! 

There is no specific topic you need to write about - actually, you don't even need to be a blogger!  

You can simply join us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter by using the hashtag:  

Here are a few of me from this past month:
And sporting my new blonde locks:
No special editing or fancy cameras needed.  Come on Mamas!  It's time for you to step out in front of the lens for a change! 

How to join us: You can do either #1 or #2 below or both.
  1. Link up your picture on one of our blogs. If you have a blog then add a link to your post. If not, then add a link to your Facebook photo, Instagram feed, or Twitter handle. Not sure how to find the link to your photo(s) on social media? It’s super easy. I wrote two posts to show you how: How to get a link to a photo on Instagram and Twitter and How to get a link to a picture on Facebook.
  2. Post your photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and add the #focusonmom to the description.We are going to use the #focusonmom across all social media to make this challenge as accessible as possible. What does that mean? You don’t need to have a blog to join us. All you need is an account with either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  3. Spread the word and Follow Us! If you follow us on Twitter (Nicolette / Susi / Melinda), Facebook (Nicolette / Susi /Melinda) and/or Instagram (Nicolette / Susi / Melinda) it will be easier to share our reminder posts and for us to share your posts as well.
  4. Encourage others. Starting the 15th of each month click the hashtag on any of social media sites to see the pics shared. Show some love, make some new friends and support other women who have taken the time to get in front of the camera.
  5. Link Back. Please mention this challenge in your post and link back to one of our blogs.


  1. Welcome aboard! Thanks so much for co-hosting with us! I love the kissing belly pic. So adorable!

  2. Thanks for co-hosting with us Melinda. You look wonderful. Love the picture of your little guy kissing the belly... I have some of those as well... I feel for you being pregnant in this Florida heat. My last one was born in September and those last three months I was basically living in the pool. Lots of luck to you and the fam!!! :)

  3. Such cute pregnant pictures - especially the one with your little one kissing your belly :) And your hair looks great!

  4. You are positively GLOWING! I often feel like I need to ask someone to take a picture of me at an event or gathering, just to prove I was there. I'm still usually holding a kid, though. :)


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