Pregnancy: Week 24

24 weeks pregnant
This Week:
Baby's gained 4 oz since last week!
Baby's brain is growing quickly now.
Baby's hair is white right now because there's no pigment yet.

Looking:  Like a chubber!  Look at that face!

Feeling:  Exhausted!  This week began for me on the 4th of July, when we hosted a cookout, then watched fireworks on the beach.  The next day we went to another fireworks show in our town.  During the weekend we went tubing down the river (aka paddling 4 kids away from the sides where gators might be lurking) for a few hours and swimming in the head springs.  And finished it all up with a sleepover.  Phew!  This Pregnant lady needs a break!
Cutest thing:  Little Guy scolds me and calls me "Pregnant Lady" (sounds like "pregnant lay-deh") now whenever I'm doing something he thinks I shouldn't do. ie. Lifting him, carrying something big, standing on a chair. It's so funny.

Exercise:  None whatsoever officially, but I've been so busy - that's got to count for something, right?

Food:  Settling back down now.  Last week's ravenous eater has gone back into her cave, and a much more normal portion-eating woman has taken her place.

Not Cool:  My midwife had given me a chart where I have to document everything I eat for a week!  Eek!  While Big Guy's in town, we've been living it up, so I'm scared to see what she has to say about my choices at my next appointment.

Even Less Cool:  Over the weekend, I had a ridiculously sharp pain.  I had just awoken, and adjusted my pillows to a sort of sitting up-sort of lying down position, when I had the most terrible pain.  It's kind of hard to explain.  I want to say it was in my bum, but not how you'd think because it was somewhere inside my body.  I think maybe the baby pressed on a nerve, but it was strong enough to bring tears to my eyes and lasted about 5-10 minutes.  By the time I began to think about calling my midwife, it stopped.  Any ideas what it could have been?  I'm going to ask my midwife at the next appointment.

Belly Button:  Almost to the surface.

Excited About:  Appointment with my midwife next week!  My mom will be accompanying me, and this will be the first time she lays eyes on the inside of the birth center.  It will be quite a new experience for her!


  1. You look great but I get what you are saying about your face feeling chubby. I get what I call "fat face" when I'm pregnant. Even before I'm showing in the belly my face looks pregnant. I'm sure no one else sees it and my husband (because he's smart) tells me I'm crazy but hey it's my face I know when it looks different.

    That is just too cute about your little guy scolding you!

  2. Hi Melinda. Thanks for linking up. You look great. Hope your appointment with the midwife goes well. :)


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