I Live Here

flagler beach
I live here.
Here, in a world with sunsets as beautiful as this.
Here, near a beach where we can enjoy every color in the sky.
Smell the salty breeze.
Feel the cool sand under our feet and the warm waves rush against our legs.

I do. Can you believe it?
Sometimes I have trouble believing it myself.

Of course, there are the days that I completely take it for granted. Cursing the beach when I'm hot and sweaty and sand-coated, carrying pounds of beach gear to the car in the blazing sun, six months pregnant.

But then, there are days like these.

Where Hubby comes home from work, we scarf down dinner as quickly as possible and head down to the beach (a whole 10 minutes away) to catch the sunset.

These are the days I just take it all in.
These days I'm so grateful for this life,
this family,
this town,
this world.

I think, "How did I get so blessed to receive all of this?"

And then I remember the other me - the complaining me - who takes this for granted, and I remember.

My life is this magical all the time.

I just have to have
awareness of that magic.
Gratefulness for that magic.
Stillness in that magic
in order to feel it.
flagler beach
And I feel it.
And I am blessed.


  1. This is beautiful. I lived 10 minutes from the beach when I was a teenager. Not now. That is a good thing that you are grateful (at least most days) for living where it is so beautiful. I love where we live too.

    I found you over on The Life of Faith. Have a blessed day.

  2. Love, love love love, LOVE this! I am all about being aware of the magical lives we are blessed to have and being grateful :) Beautiful photos and beautiful message!


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