DIY Personalized Wall Art

Have you seen these cheap adorable bed spreads at Target? They're only 19.99 for a twin, and oh-so-soft!  We picked one up for Little Guy's room when he decided he was getting too old for Lightning McQueen.  

Little Guy has been asking me to make him a sign for his room since we've taken down most of his Disney Cars decor, so last week on a rainy afternoon we got out the paints and set to work.

We actually never call Little Guy "Little Guy." That's basically for blog purposes only.  We do, however, call him Mr. Bent, or sometimes just Bent.  When he was just a little thing about 2 years old, he'd walk around going, "Oh, yeah! Ahh, ha! Mr. Bent!"  We have no idea where he got it from, but it was hilarious.  He's been Mr. Bent ever since, so it seemed just right to make him a Mr. Bent sign that matched his "bigger kid" room.  

Here are the steps I took:

1.  Using MambiSticks from Hobby Lobby, arrange and stick the letters on a canvas board.  

2.  Paint over the entire board with a gray craft paint that matches Little Guy's new bed spread.

3.  Once dry, peel letters off.  *They didn't peel off quite as neatly as I'd hoped, and left a raised, splotchy edge on the letters, so I ended up outlining the letters in a turquoise that matched the bedding.  I think this may have happened because we were outside on the porch during a rainstorm, so there was a ton of moisture in the air. 

4.  Using scrapbook paper for the triangles and turquoise craft paint for the streamers, I fashioned a pennant for the top of the sign.

5.  On the back, I attached a large ribbon, tied into a bow, to hang the canvas board with.

Little Guy is loves it, and I have to say, homemade flaws and all, it is pretty cute hanging in his room. 


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