Pregnancy: Week 20 - Halfway!

This Week:
We're halfway there!!  Yippee!
Baby is about the size of a banana.
He's also producing meconium - fun stuff...

Movement:  Baby is seriously going to be an acrobat or a kick boxer.  He moves all the time.  I've even been woken up by him in the morning!

Exciting News: We got another ultrasound this week!  Baby's head was way down low - which is why I've been feeling so heavy.  We also got to hear confirmation that baby is doing well, we still seem to be pretty much spot on with our due date, and everything looks great.

Not so exciting news:  The ultrasound place we went to - although beautiful, and big - was a disappointment.    They gave us 8 photos of our little one on a disk, and they were pretty much awful.  Example:
 I mean, yes, I can make out what they are of (with the assistance of the tech's captioning), but compared to our first ultrasound and to the ultrasounds we received when I was pregnant with Little Guy, these were just a bit disappointing.

Feeling:  Huge.  Already.  I haven't gained nearly what I'd gained by this time with Little Guy, but I started out bigger, and I just feel so huge.  I can't imagine how I'll be feeling in a few more months.

Noticed:  That shaving my legs, tying my shoes, and painting my toes is getting a bit more difficult.  It's not like this thing is squishy.  Baby makes a big, hard ball of a belly that you can't really compress when you bend over.

The Cutest Thing:  Little Guy is really into this pregnancy.  He asks me everyday what week I'm in, or if I've moved on to the next week.  He's always including "his baby brother" when he talks about our family, and kisses my belly all the time. It's the sweetest thing.

Missing:  Lying on my belly.  Or on my back (you can't be flat on your back when you're pregnant because it restricts blood flow through a major vein and can be dangerous).  Especially at the beach... You can't really say, "I'll lay out on my back" because no, you won't.  Then you can't say, "Well, I'll lay out on my belly to tan my back" because again, no, you won't.  You will stand up or you will sit in a chair so your shoulders, the tops of your thighs, and your feel get burned.  *Ahem....I guess you've gathered this happened to me.  Oh well.  I'm still thankful to be able to go to the beach.

Cravings:  Meh.  Not really anything as long as I have something cold to drink.

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