Courtney Borgan Photography

I'm really excited about this week about doing our first Sponsor Spotlight.  Not only because it's the first one, but because I get to introduce you to Courtney Borgan Photography!  

Courtney and I go all the way back to the first day of 8th grade, when we were both the new girls at school who became friends right away.  Not only is Courtney a military wife and mom of 3 of the most adorable kids you've ever seen, she's also an amazing photographer.  Her work is absolutely beautiful.

Marshmallow Mudpie:  Tell me about your company.

Courtney Borgan Photography:  I am a baby, child, and family photographer right now based out of Beaufort, SC.  I try to aim for more lifestyle photos. While there are a couple of semi-posed shots in each session, I try to photograph the relationships and the individual personalities.

Marshmallow Mudpie:  How did you get into photography?

Courtney Borgan Photography:  Like most things in my life, my kids are and have been my driving force.  My oldest daughter was born while my husband was deployed and we did not have the option of Skype or any kind of face time.  So every day I would take at least one picture of her to email to her dad.  From there, my love for photography grew.

Marshmallow Mudpie:  What do you love most about being a photographer?

Courtney Borgan Photography:  I absolutely LOVE watching people's reactions to their photos.  Seeing people smiling from ear to ear or crying tears of joy (I have had that happen a few times) while looking at something I helped to create for them, is so rewarding and fulfilling.  It makes me smile just thinking about it.

Marshmallow Mudpie:  What areas do you serve, and what's the best way to get in touch with you?

Courtney Borgan Photography:  You can visit me on Facebook at Courtney Borgan Photography, or check out my website at  Right now, I'm located in Beaufort, SC, but I love to travel and am also available in Central Florida. 


  1. Awesome job Melinda! Same goes to you Courtney. Glad to see that you are both pursuing your passions.


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