Skinny Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Do you ever get a hankering for wings? Do you wonder what kind of person uses the word hankering? Is it even a real word?

Anyway. Sometimes I'm in the mood for some wings, and I think, "Hey, I should have Hubby bring some home for dinner."  Until I snap out of that and realize that it's not Saturday (our take out day), I want them now, and they are so bad for me! So I sat, wingless, and hungry until I came up with this brilliant idea!
skinny buffalo chicken sandwich

A Skinny Buffalo Chicken Sandwich!  Yes, I'm aware that it would be skinnier without the bread, but then it wouldn't be a sandwich, now, would it?

At lunchtime, I don't usually have a chicken breast thawed and ready for the grill, but I do have a huge pack of canned chicken breast my parents picked up for us at Sam's.  Score!

I used:

1 can chicken breast
1 tbsp ranch dressing
1 tbsp buffalo sauce (if you don't have this, you can make it by mixing melted butter and hot sauce)
spinach leaves
2 slices of whole grain bread
green onion

*I'd like to add here that this would be a big, mamma-jamma can of chicken which makes more than just one sandwich worth, so if you're using a regular, tuna sized can, you probably want to go 1 tsp, not 1 tbsp on the sauces.

Mix the chicken, wing sauce, ranch, and green onion.
Top a slice of bread layered with spinach with the chicken mixture, and toss it (ok, gently set it) on a flat top or in a pan. No need for butter here, this is a skinny sandwich. Here you can add a slice of your cheese of choice, or not, it's your sandwich.
Pair it with some baby carrots and you've got yourself a wayyyyy healthier alternative to wings, but with all the flavors.

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  1. Mm, I love buffalo sauce on anything! Thanks for sharing

  2. Great idea! I love buffalo anything! Thanks for the new lunch idea :)


  3. this looks like it will taste soooo good. stopping by from the blog hop


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