A Walk

In the quiet of the morning.

When the children have gone off to school, and the people off to work.

When no one is on the path but the retirees and snowbirds, strolling hand in hand along the water's edge, who offer you a friendly smile and a well wish for the day.  Or the occasional mother, jogging behind her wee one who rides comfortably in a stroller.

When the loudest sounds you hear seem to be the squirrels searching the woods for their breakfast, or an occasional small boat rolling past.

This is when I'm feeling so blessed to live in a town as lovely as ours, where nature, beauty, and recreation for its citizens seems to lie in the forefront of official decision making.

Blessed to have places to take scenic morning walks away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

Soaking in the energy from the natural world that surrounds.
Enjoy your day.

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