A friend told us about a trail just out of town that we hadn't heard about, so we'd been were itching to check it out.  We love exploring new territory, but hubby was especially excited because he'd heard there were some awesome biking trails there.  Even with the slight cooling of the weather here, it was pretty buggy out, so we didn't make it too far before we became a breakfast buffet for the mosquitoes and had to turn back.   
I don't know where our attraction to banana spiders comes from.  Perhaps it's the fact that they are just so huge.  Or maybe it's that you can get so close to them and really examine them from all sides while they are sitting up in their webs, waiting for a meal.  I suspect it's mostly because you always need to be on the lookout for them while in the woods, unless you'd like to wear one on your face since they build their webs almost anywhere.   

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