Tropical Storm Isaac

We were over on the coast during Tropical Storm (Hurricane?) Isaac, so we decided we'd take a walk on the beach when the rain subsided.  We explored all along the shore, and on our walk we found quite a few turtle egg shells, a prayer box, and the neatest seed (at least we think it might be a seed) that looks just like a fish eye.  I was particularly glad we came across the turtle shells because it gave Little Guy a chance to see and feel how they are different from chicken eggs.  We imagined the prayer box was from a shipwreck that washed ashore, which made it a bit magical for Little Guy. 

We picked up some garbage we'd found and carried it to it's rightful place.  Little Guy was outraged that there was so much garbage along the beach.  We'd recently seen the movie Bag It! about how plastic affects our planet, so Little Guy was well aware that it was harmful to our ocean life.  We decided that everytime we go for a walk on the beach we should each pick up at least one item to place in the garbage/recycle bin. 

Isaac was a great opportunity to talk with Little Guy about hurricanes. He's been very interested in the weather since we've had some pretty serious storms this summer.  

And when we returned from our walk...

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