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I'll start by saying that we live in an awesome, coastal, Florida town that's all about community and activity. We run a local business (feel free to check it out), and love to support other local businesses.

Hubby is very social, and loves trying new things, meeting new people, and exploring new territory.  He also has a serious love of mountain biking.  If you hear about someone doing something off the wall, it's usually him.  He's always down for a good time.

Little Guy born in '07, is such an empath.  So sensitive.  Caring for others always seems to be his main focus.  We call him our 'little diplomat' because he goes out of his way to socialize with people and always tries his best to avoid hurting others' feelings.  He's also ridiculously funny.  Not slapstick, "I'm trying to make you laugh right now" funny.  He's legitimately, naturally born funny.  Verry witty.  It's just his way.

Like Hubby, I  love adventure and exploring.  I love my family more than life, but I also love solitude, and get overwhelmed by being around too many different energies at once.  I love nature, and would gladly live in a cabin in the forest (in a state with much less humidity).  I love thrifting - one man's trash is another man's treasure - plus, it makes me feel great knowing that I've prevented something else needlessly being tossed into a landfill.  believe that this moment, right now, is all we're guaranteed, so there's no use in fretting over anything.  Sure, sometimes I need to remind myself of that, but I really try to strive for mindfulness.

Our Big Guy, born in '03, moved up north in late 2011 to live with his mom after living with us for the four previous years.  He comes to visit though, so you haven't seen the last of him.  He's Little Guy's complete opposite in every way, which sometimes works out pretty well, since they rarely ever both want the same food/toy/color/etc.  He's our engineer, who's been puzzling and making Lego creations that I'd never even imagined possible since he was a preschooler. 

The newest addition to our bunch, Baby Boy, was born in '13.  We are loving getting to know him and learning about his personality. You know when you hold your baby and he lays his head on your shoulder and snuggles in to you?  Well, I don't.  This boy always has his head up looking around.  A baby with a baby soul - he doesn't want to miss a thing!  Born unmedicated and exclusively breastfed, he was my chance to really experience motherhood for all it's tribulations along with the triumphs.

Hubby and I are all about living as holistically as possible, within reason. We don't really promote traditional medicine around our home. We try to eat as close to natural and processed-free as we can, but we absolutely aren't extremists. We don't see anything wrong with sometimes, just eating what you want. Moderation is certainly the key word. We don't want to incorporate junk into our daily lives though, and we've actually found that when we eat junky foods we feel awful. Little Guy, without fail, throws up everytime he eats too much junk.

Hubby and I love to stay active by hiking (ok trekking - we live in Florida) through the woods, running, biking, and skimboarding.  Little Guy loves our lifestyle too.  He's always been an outdoorsman.

We all try to live every moment and experience all that's around us.  Time spent together is much more precious to us than acquiring more stuff. 

 Welcome to our world. 



  1. You have such an adorable family! I'm so jealous that you live in Florida, I want to move somewhere warm so bad. I also really love your outlook on life, it's refreshing!


    1. Thanks! For a while, we thought we'd like to move somewhere with seasons, but then we realized seasons = snow and we don't think we could handle all that goes along with snow. Brr!

  2. Lovely 'about' page Melinda! I've been meaning to do one for about...A YEAR! Geez. Can you say 'procrastinator'?

    I admire your outlook and can relate to so many of your thoughts. You have a beautiful family, but you already know that :).


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