Arrrgh!! Pirate Week!

Last week was our final week of organized activities of the summer.  We are taking a few weeks for Little Guy to relax and just do whatever he wants while I organized for when school starts up again.  Since we were coming off of our Ocean and Beach theme, I thought a really fun idea would be to center everything around Pirates for the last week of scool.  Boy, was it!  Little Guy loved this theme!!
Over at 1+1+1=1, I found these great printables in the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Kindergarten pack.
I glued these characters to cardboard to make it seem more like a game.  Little Guy really enjoyed guessing which number was missing over and over again.
This coin matching activity was a perfect challenge for Little Guy.  He's been very interested in coins and thier value lately.
I printed out the 3 part cards, glued them to posterboard, and we used them to play memory!

Over the Big Moon also has some great Pirate themed printables.  That's where I found the cutting practice page pictured below.  I also used ship stickers on strips of paper for some extra cutting practice.

Sort the Planks
We used these forked picks as planks for Little Guy to match to thier corresponding numbers.  One through ten is just way too easy now, so we had to add in eleven through twenty.
 For our artsy craftsy activity, I found this cute little box for Little Guy to decorate as his own Treasure Chest.
Our favorite part of the week was our Treasure Hunt!  It was a blast! 

I created a treasure map and directions for Little Guy to find the map. 
I folded up the directions and hid them outside for Little Guy to find.
We followed the directions to the Treasure Map's hidden location.  Little Guy couldn't believe it when we found the map! He asked, "This looks old, do you think God put this here?"  It was so cute!
Little Guy then had to use the pictures on the map to figure out where in the yard the treasure might be hidden.
He was so excited to find the treasure!  Here's a look at what was inside:
Just a few items from the dollar section at Target.  Little Guy loved them!

For your Pirate reading/viewing pleasure:



  1. Love your pirate theme, we did a pirate week as well couple months ago and my son loved it. Fun theme. (Momma's Fun World)

  2. Thanks, it was really fun! I just "liked" you on facebook! :)


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