"Our Backyard" Unit Week 4 - Bugs!

Here are some of the materials we used during Bug Week:
The Suncatcher is from Walmart (only $1), and I made the bee puzzle using an image from the web and craft sticks. I will post a link at the bottom for the 3 part spelling cards.
You can find the Bug Path Page at 3Dinosaurs.  Little Guy absolutely LOVED these pages (there are a couple of them to choose from, or you can print them all off like we did.)  3Dinosaurs is also where I found this little cricket puzzle. 
We really love these printables from 1+1+1=1.  Little Guy is really doing wonderfully with his beginning letter sounds.  I just put the page in a plastic sleeve and he circles the letter with a dry erase marker. 
I broke out these 2 sided Number Matching Ladybugs that I had made back when we were learning about the Letter L
We placed this growing grasshopper in a big bowl and observed how it grew all week long.
Little Guy couldn't resist playing in the water with it every day!

I also created these Bug Counting Games.  We rolled the dice, and placed the corresponding number of cheerios on the bugs using a right to left, top to bottom order (which is great for Little Guy to get used to for reading.)

We played using both a Ladybug and a Snail game board.
To finish off our week we made this Worms and Dirt treat.
*Honestly though, Little Guy didn't eat it.  He ate 2 of the gummy worms, and that was it.  He likes sweets, but usually just a bite.  The main fun was the process of making it (crushing up the cookies). 

This week we read:

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