Lukas Butterfly Encounter

Since we spent the past week learning about butterflies, I thought it would be fun to take a field trip to a nearby Butterfly Encounter.  Boy, was it! 

When we arrived, the lady at the desk gave us an indentification card so that we could keep track of all the butterflies we saw.  Little Guy loved this!  He held the card and everytime he'd spot one of the butterflies on the card, we'd high five and cheer.
There were so many butterflies, and beautiful flowers, and the cutest little birds that work as the "clean up" crew (if you catch my drift).

Our favorite area was the place where you could feed the butterflies.  Most of the butterflies there just stuck to the flowers, but there was one room where you could dip your finger in a little cup of nectar, touch the butterfly's feet, and it would climb onto your finger.  It was so awesome!  It was a long while before Little Guy was ready to leave this room!
Here's Little Guy show his new "pet" the rock he found in the parking lot. 
When we got in the car Little Guy said that the encounter was a "10!" I think I'd have to agree.

*Lukas Butterfly Encounter is located in Oviedo, FL. 
Tickets are $5 per person, and they are open everyday from 9-4.
You can find them on Facebook at

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