"Our Backyard" Unit week 3 - Butterflies

Week three of "Our Backyard" unit was about butterflies, and full of so many fun activities!!  Here are some of the materials that we used:

We kicked off our week by reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. and doing a coloring page.

Little Guy put the caterpillar life cycle cards (from a workbook page I just colored and cut out) in order, and then put our number caterpillar (made with card stock and markers) in numerical order.
Then we colored our own egg carton caterpillars with markers (kind of hard to see the marker in the pictures).

I found these butterfly bead necklaces in the Dollar Tree, and bought them because I knew we could use them during Butterfly Week.  Glad I did because I cut them up and we ended up using them for 2 different activities!
We used them as counters for this number matching activity that I made using stencils (also from the Dollar Tree) and paint:
And then again with this tweezing and sorting activity:
I made this butterfly patterns page using the same stencils with some markers:
Little Guy really liked this big, foam, butterfly puzzle you can find HERE! (But honestly, I found it at TJ Maxx for $2.50!)
We did a life cycle sequence cut and paste page:
Then, to finish off the week, we made our own coffee filter butterflies!
This week we read:

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