"Our Backyard" Unit week 2 - Birds

During week 2 of "Our Backyard" unit, we focused on birds.  We did lots of fun, bird themed activities!

Here are some of the materials we used:

You can find the Dora the Explorer Coloring pages over at www.nickjr.com.  We've also been doing quite a few Connect the Dots pages lately from a workbook I bought.  The other worksheet pages and the 3 part cards, you can find over at Homeschool Creations.

The pages from the Printable Pack that require writing I put into a page protector and let Little Guy use a dry erase marker.  That way he can do them over and over again if he wants. 

I was impressed by how well Little Guy did with the 3 part cards.
First I had him match the pictures,
and then the words. 

We worked with our pattern blocks to make a bird.

We filled a humming bird feeder with nectar and placed it outside to observe this summer.

I also had Little Guy peel a hard boiled egg.  He really liked this! 

He did not however, love the taste test we performed afterwards.  He's never had the yellow of a hard boiled egg before, and by his reaction, I don't think he'll be eating it again anytime soon!

I made this bird board game that we played all week long.  Little Guy loved this.  The object is to help your bird get back to the nest with food before the babies hatch.   I just used images that I found from the internet for some of the spaces, and two birds from the Dollar Tree as pawns. 
This week we read:

We had so much fun!  Our theme for next week will be Butterflies!

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