Wellness Wednesday

An image from our lives meant to inspire wellness of mind, body, or spirit.

*The picture above was taken the day after my grandfather passed away.  Spending the day outdoors made me feel more connected to him since he absolutely loved the outdoors.  If asked the question:  "If you were stranded in the wilderness and could only take one thing to survive what would it be?"  The answer was always "my grandpa."  He was a remarkable man.
I believe we are all made of magnificent energy; some may call it 'spirit', some 'a soul', some 'life force.'  As stated by Albert Einsten, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can be changed from one form to another.
Now, it may be a trick of the light, or dust particles, or whatever you choose to believe, but that white blurry figure standing over my boy there in the picture...I believe in the possibility that it could be my grandpa.

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