Rainbow Springs State Park

We love the springs.  We really do.  Especially for swimming.  I've never really been too much into swimming in the ocean.  There are just too many unseen creatures in there for my liking.  Plus the salt.  Ouch!  It burns your eyes.  But the springs.  Ahhh...  Wonderful.  Always nice and cool.  You can see everything below you.  Sure, you have the occasional alligator, but they usually mind their own business, so long as you steer clear of them.  I suppose I was spoiled by growing up living on a crystal clear river, but I just can't find anything that beats it.
Rainbow Springs State Park
 The Rainbow River

Little Guy had been dying to try out his new water gun, so we thought we'd head over to the springs.  $4 for the 3 of us and a day full of fun!  There is a large swimming area that's pretty deep, a kiddie area (which is very small), paved trails, dirt trails, a butterfly garden, waterfalls, a large grassy picnic area, canoe and kayak rentals (about $25 for 3 people).  It's pretty awesome.

We came across this Leopard Moth caterpillar.
There was this amazing garden full of Florida native plants where everything was labeled.  It was awesome!

We even took a family picture in front of the waterfall.
Who am I kidding?  Here's the real us:

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