Chicken Roulade with Spinach, Feta, and Roasted Red Peppers

This was a, "what to do with random leftover ingredients" kind of nights.  We have lots of those around here.  I used what we had left of a container of baby spinach leaves, some jarred roasted red peppers (about 3), and what remained (approximately half) of a container of feta cheese.

First, I filleted 2 chicken breasts and seasoned one side.  Then I tossed the spinach, feta, and 3 roasted red pepper slices into the food processor.   

I spread the mixture on half of the unseasoned side of the breasts, folded them over, and placed them on a flat top.

*If I had it to do over I would bake these in the oven.  I thought I'd be saving time by putting them on a flat top, but since they are folded, even when you flip them, you are never applying much heat to the inside.  I had to keep the heat low, so as not to char the outside, and it felt like it was taking foreverrrr. 

I cooked up some quinoa, and sauteed string beans with garlic to go with the chicken.  It was delicious!  Hubby went on and on about it.  So, I guess this was a random dinner night that will go into the recipe box!  I find that's usually how our favorite recipes come about. 

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