Letter Q

What to do for Letter Q?  I was pretty stumped on this one.  There really aren't too many things that begin with the letter Q in the first place, let alone things that are preschool age appropriate. 

We started out getting familiar with the letter Q and identifying it's sound.  We traced the letter with our finger, and then did a worksheet about the q sound.

We were really in need of some kind of fun activity that would leave Little Guy with a positive memory for the letter Q.  I was having a tough time when I finally thought of something. 
Do you remember being a little kid and watching Bozo the Clown in the mornings?  There used to be this game that they played where the child had to stand behind a line and toss a ping pong ball into buckets that were different distances away for a prize.  Well, this game is kind of like that. 

Here's what you need to play:

Some quarters
A bucket/box/bowl/container
Pipe cleaners (we used 5)
A chart for tracking number of tosses.

Here's what the set up looks like:

Little Guy stood behind the red line with his little bowl of quarters and started tossing.   

Whenever he made a basket, we recorded how many tries it took on our chart.  We did the same thing for all the colors.

It was so much fun!!  Naturally we had to play about 6 times.  I was happy Little Guy recorded his stats all by himself!

We also read "Quack! Quack! Come back!"  (You know, "5 little ducks went out to play.  Over the hills and far away...")  Little Guy just loves that song, and we have it in a book.  The back of the book has little duck play pieces too!

We did our letter matching worksheet.  They were getting a bit too easy for Little Guy, so this week I made the letters lowercase on the sheet, since the letter tiles are in capitals.  This way it's a little more challenging. 

The Letter Practicing Writing page below is from Confessions of a Homeschooler. 

I really wanted to involve a quilt somehow this week.  While browsing around Hobby Lobby, I came across bandanas for $.99 and came up with the best idea!  Whenever I was a kid and was on an airplane or in a waiting room with my dad, he'd draw a grid of dots on a paper.  Then you take turns drawing a line to connect 2 dots.  Whoever ends up making a square gets to put their initials in that square.  The person with the most squares wins.  Well, what we did was the same concept, except we were making a "quilt," and instead of putting your initial in the square, I was little q and Little Guy was big Q. 

I made a grid of dots on the bandana.

Then, we each chose a color crayon to use and started drawing lines and making squares.
Here's a picture of our finished quilt:

Little Guy really liked this activity, but what he like most was turning the quilt into his "cape" so he could become Super Q!

This week we read:

Quack! Quack! Come Back!

My Q Book  by Jane Belk Moncure

Quack and Count by Keith Baker

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  1. Oh wow! What a great collection of activities for learning the letter q. I especially love the quarter toss game!


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