Another Funday Sunday

Back to the woods, where we love to be.

Santos trail Ocala, FL
Poison Ivy?  I'm thinking so.  I may be wrong, but really, who wants to take that chance?

Check out this Froghopper (aka spittlebug).  They make this foamy, white substance to hide in.

On this particular day, although no longer for personal reasons (as in, my Grandmother has absolutely forbidden us from any further attempts by making me promise and swear to her that we will never do this again) we picked some lovely blackberries to make jam. 

wild raspberries
Little Guy's berry stained fingers.
blackberry jam
So yummy.
*Seriously, where we live rattlesnakes are very common, and they love to hide in blackberry bushes waiting on birds.  My grandparents had a close friend who lost her life to a rattlesnake while picking wild blackberries. That's why my grandmother required that promise from us. 

This same day, we also came across an awesome r/c track!  Little Guy and Hubby both love r/c cars, so we had to park and check out the cars. The one pictured below was our favorite.  It was the fastest and had the highest jumps.

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  1. Looks like a fun day...lots of great pics! Love the last one.


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