A Few Days in the Country

There's just something about the stillness of the country.  Even though there is life all around, everything seems so peaceful and still.  It's lovely.

The property belongs to my grandparents, but not the cows.  Their cows are a few years gone.  I think it's wonderful that the property can still be a home to these beautiful girls (and boy).  We have grown such a fondness for them.  They are starting to equate us with food.  Everytime we come to visit, we start pulling handfulls of grass and weeds for them to eat and feed them by hand.  It's a pretty amazing experience.  We have begun to develop a system of spreading out and getting the big girls in one area while one of us feeds the little ones.  Otherwise, the big girls get pushy and the babies can't enjoy any long, fresh greenery.
There are no video games or computers or playground equipment; and Little Guy thrives.  I mean, thrives.  He is never bored when we stay, though he would love to spend every moment outside.  We even ate our breakfast on the front porch swing.  We could really get used to this kind of lifestyle.  
We've been on such a journey these past few months.  We're lucky that hubby's job is the type he can take anywhere.  Deciding exactly where has been such an issue, but we've finally started narrowing down our search.  We've gone from the hustle and bustle of the city, to being over an hour from a "real" shopping mall.  It's been quite a learning experience about ourselves and what we want as a family.  While we still aren't sure of anything (are you ever really?), I can say this: We're getting much closer.

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