Since we've been talking about the letter V this week, we just had to learn about volcanoes.  I found a book with really great pics at our local library called "Volcanoes and Earthquakes."  We talked about volcanoes and how they form and what makes them erupt.  Little Guy was fascinated.

Little Guy worked on his letter tiles page and made a picture of a volcano.

We watched a really great video online at BrainPop! that you can find here.  Then, it was fun time!  We got out all our ingredients and set outside to make our own volcano!  So easy and fun.  All you need is baking soda and vinegar.  We added some food coloring to make it orange like lava.  It does bubble up though so you'll want to put it on a plate or in a bowl or take it outside to avoid a mess.

We (almost) filled the tiny vase with baking soda.
Topped it with our brown construction paper so it looked more volcano-like.

Then, poured the vinegar in.  *We were out of regular vinegar, so we had to use white wine vinegar, but it worked.

Super fun!!

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