An Unschooling Day

We thoguht we'd spend the day at a local park since Hubby was home for the day.  They have a wonderful set up of a late 1800's farm and house.  We loved getting familiar with all the animals.  There was a wonderful lady there who was full of information for us on raising chickens and goats.   It was pretty awesome. 

Then we decided to look for the nature trails. 
We talked about what wildlife we hoped to see (and what we hoped not to see - like a bobcat).
Studied the tracks poster so we'd be able to identify any tracks we found.
Little Guy found himself a walking stick.
Little Guy discovered, unfortunately first hand, that even though a cactus might appear not to have any spikes on it, there might secretly be about 4 billion tiny sharp hairs just waiting to burrow themselves into your skin if you touch it. 
After we picked out as many spikes as we could, we had Little Guy rub his hands in the sand to take off the rest.

We didn't head home until late, and on the way home I said to Hubby, "Oh, we didn't do school today!"  He said, "I think he learned more today than he would have during 'school' anyway."  That's what I love about homeschooling our way.  We do our traditionalsih school activities, but with lots of unschooling mixed in!

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