The Letter B

This week we had fun learning about the letter B.  There are just so many cute things to do that begin with B, I couldn't decide, so we focused some more on fine motor work and math skills this week using things that begin with the letter B.

I made this puzzle for Little Guy using craft sticks and a picture of a bumble bee I printed from the computer.
I also made a pattern page to use with Teddy Grahams.  Although, I didn't realize when I made it that every pattern ended in the same color Teddy Graham! Oops!  Little Guy didn't mind though.

We also used some beige paint samples for Little Guy to practice his cutting skills.

We also practiced buttoning skills (which Little Guy definitely needs to work on) with this:
I sewed a button on each end of a ribbon, cut slits into the center of each square of felt, and that's it!  Perfect for little ones to practice buttoning.  It's great for the car and for restaurants too! 
*I did not invent this awesome little idea.  I came across it on another blog months ago, but I can't for the life of me remember where.  If anyone has any idea, do not hesitate to let me know, because I'd love to give the credit where it's due!

I made Little Guy a B Letter Hunt page.  He just uses the Bingo marker to mark all the B's he finds.  I usually use a premade page from Confessions of a Home Schooler, but she used butterflies for letter B, and I really wanted to stick with the bears.
We also broke out the Teddy Grahams again for this:
Lacing cards are definitely not Little Guy's favorite, but when I talk him through it step by step, he has a much easier time than if I just give him the lacing card as a solo activity. 
In case you're wondering, I just use a print out of a bear and glue it to a poster board, cut it out, and punch holes around the edges. 
We have so many paint samples lying around that I thought it would be great to use the beige squares for Little Guy to get some math and more fine motor work in.  I just numbered each card, and gave Little Guy a pile of paper clips.  The objective is to place the same number of paper clips as the number on each card. 
Little Guy found this activity extremely frustrating.  The paper clips were just too difficult for him.  I helped him with a couple, and by the time he got to the number 3, I just told him we didn't have to do it if he didn't want to, and he was glad to stop.  I might just leave them lying around one day and see if he takes to playing with them on his own when he knows there is no set goal.

This week we read:

"My B Book" by Jane Belk Moncure
(we love these books!)

"Where There's a Bear, There's Trouble" by Michael Catchpool
(This was really cute!  Little Guy really liked it.)

"Bread, Bread, Bread" by Ann Morris

"The Bear on the Bed" by Ruth Miller
(Little Guy LOVED this one!  If you have a boy, he probably will too.  It's a really cute little sing song book about a bear doing silly things on someone's bed, and I will prepare you:  there is poop involved.)

"Bicycle for Sale" by Dan Yaccarino
(we really like Oswald around here)

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