Making Naan

One of our goals for the new year is to be more self sufficient by opting to make things rather than buy them.  We started heading in that direction last year, but there's just so much more we could be doing ourselves.  Since this was letter N week, I thought we could give Naan a try.  We love naan.  In case you hacen't heard of it, naan is an Indian flatbread.  We love Indian food around here, so we eat it with our Indian dishes (great for dipping in the sauce), but we also use it as a pizza crust.  I usually buy it from Publix, and it's about $3.50 for 2 pieces.  Granted, they are large enough to make a personal pizza out of, but our recipe made 8 pieces (and we know every ingredient that went into them) of relative size!!

I found the recipe while browsing Pinterest.  You can find it at Budget Bytes (it's really great with step by step photos, which I love for recipes).  The only thing we did differently was use Organic Wheat Flour (which is the only kind of flour I use in anything I bake) rather than white flour, and we used plain yogurt instead of plain Greek yogurt, since that's what I had on hand.
He has to sniff everything!
It came out exactly like the naan we get at the store (we buy the wheat there too). 
We paired it with a slightly modified version of this recipe from Vegetarian Times.  Pretty yummy! Little Guy had a blast measuring and mixing (and no, I did not let him cook the nann in the frying pan; I did that part).  The best part was how proud he was to tell Daddy to try the naan because he made it! We have 5 pieces left over, so it's looking like "Make your own pizza" night will be happening around here pretty soon!

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