Letter N

N is for New Year!

For our first week back to school in the new year, letter N seemed pretty fitting.  This was the first year Little Guy really had a grasp on the concept of a new year, since we've been working with our calendar every morning.

We were going to make a noodle necklace, but Little Guy was not into it at all.  He wanted to build a house with his noodles, so a house he built.
Here he is concentrating on his house plans. 
I suggested we try to make an N out of our noodles, and he did a great job!
We also did a sorting activity using nuts. 
N week was the perfect week to work on the number nine.  Little Guy is pretty great with math.
We also made Naan, which you can read about HERE.  Super fun!  And yummy! 

The books we read this week were:

"My N Book" by Jane Belk Moncure
(great books to introduce the letter sound and jump start brainstorming for words that begin with your letter)

"My Cats Nick and Nora" by Isabella Harper and Barry Moser

"Nuts to you!" by Lois Elhert
(We read this one the day we did the nut activity)

"Nina Nandu's Nervous Noggin" by Barbara DeRubertis
(these are great books filled with words that begin with the particular letter)

"The Bravest Knight" by Mercer Mayer

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