Our trip on the Christmas Express

I saw the most adorable post at Confessions of a Homeschooler about taking your kids for a ride to look at Christmas lights using a Polar Express theme.  She called it the "MiniVan Express,"  but since we don't have a minivan, we used her "Christmas Express" template.  It was so cute!

I printed out the tickets and glued two together (front and back) so that it looked like a real ticket.  I made the boys up a little snack of brownies with Christmas sprinkles, and some - what we call - "bunny goldfish," which are those Annie's Organie Bunny crackers similar to Goldfish crackers.  I decorated the car with some strings of garland, and hid 2 bells in the car for when we got back home.  All while hubby was reading the boys "The Night Before Christmas." 

I placed the tickets on the doormat for them to find, then readied myself near the car with a "conductor's hat" (Little Guys police officer halloween costume) on, and a hole puncher in hand.

They boys got their tickets punched, then hopped into "The Christmas Express!"

We rode around our neighborhood and looked at the Christmas lights, singing Christmas songs along with the radio.  It was such fun!

We all took turns passing around the "Conductor's" hat. 

Then we traveled to a neighborhood where all the houses participated in decorating.  It was pretty great!
When we finally arrived back home, they each received a bell - just like The Polar Express.  It was a really fun night, and they've already requested that it be a tradition each year!

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