G is for Georgia!

This week we worked on the letter G, which is one of those letters that really gets to me.  A G should only make the sound like in garden; and gingerbread should start with a J.  That way little kids won't be so confused when they are trying to make sense of our crazy system of reading and writing.  Just like C, K, and S; but don't get me started.

Anywho, this week was a little wonky for us, because we were out of town for part of it.  That's what is so wonderful about homeschooling.  You can take the classroom with you wherever you go.  And usually when you happen to be going somewhere; the classroom is better!  It's always better to learn by experiencing and doing. I don't know any other preschoolers who took a field trip to Georgia during thier letter G week!  

Since we were in Georgia so I could help pick pecans at my grandparent's place, my mom agreed to do school with Little Guy on Monday. 

So, here we go!  Here are some photos of Grandma's day with Little Guy and the letter G:

At the end of our day we went outside to run around on the property.

And who can resist jumping into piles of leaves!

Super fun!!

Once we were back at home, we started playing the Christmas game I made!  I make these games for every holiday.  They are just easy enough and can be played pretty quickly without much setup.  Little Guy always loves them!  Here is a look at our Christmas game:

The game pieces are just little cellophane wrapped present ornaments that you can find at the Dollar Tree.  The objective is to get your present to the Christmas Tree first! I think next game I might add a skip __# of spaces and a go back __# of spaces, just to up the challenge a little. 

We did our Find the G's worksheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler

And what is Letter G week during December without reading the story of the Gingerbread Man and making Gingerbread Men??

The books we read this week:

"Gertie Gorilla's Glorious Gift" by Barbara DeRubertis
(these books are so great.  Cute little stories filled with words that begin with the letter of the week)

"Goldilocks and the Three Bears" retold by Jan Brett
(Little Guy LOVED this one.  He actually made me renew it at the library)

"Grandpa's Garden Lunch" by Judith Casey
(Not bad, but nothing special)

"Gugi Gugi" by Chih-Yuan Chen
(GREAT story about an alligator who ended up in a duck nest as an egg.  The duck mother takes him as one of her own, and one day, he runs into a group of alligators who tell him that since he's an alligator he should be bad like them.  He ends up doing the right thing, because he knows that doing what's right for his real family (the ducks who love him) is the way to go.) 

"The Gingerbread Man" retold by Jim Aylesworth
(A classic!  Little Guy LOVED this one too!)

If you don't already have one, I highly recommend getting a MagnaDoodle. They are awesome. Little Guy can practice his writing anywhere with me having to worry about him writing on things that he shouldn't. I write simple words on them and have him guess what they say. When he was younger, I would use it to have him guess what letter or number I was writing.


  1. Your blog is awesome. I will totally come back to it in a couple years when its time for us to learn letters like this. Love the photo of Little Guy in the leaves (the close up), that can be your Christmas card pic! Awesome!

  2. I too love the picture of Little Guy in the leaves...adorable!


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