T is for Trucks

Little Guy was pretty excited when he heard that we were doing letter T this week because he knows that T is for trucks!!
We started off our week talking about the letter T and the sound it makes, and brainstorming some words that begin with T on our easel.  I write down all the words Little Guy comes up with and we add to it as the week goes on.  Here's a pic from the end of the week.  Little Guy was so proud he came up with a lot of T words!
I just love all the colors of autumn, and when I saw this tree at No Time For Flashcards, I knew we had to do it for letter T week!

You need Ronzoni Garden Delight noodles, a ziploc bag, paper, glue, and something to smash with (Little Guy used a hammer while I closely observed).

Smash up the noodles in the siploc bag.
Glue a brown rectangle at the bottom of your paper, and get started painting the area where the "leaves" will go. Add the noodles!  I just love the look of concentration in Little Guy's face.
Here's the finished product!
The next day, we decided to do a little experiment to see if there were more cars or trucks where we lived.  We went for a walk and I tallied while Little Guy observed and called out to me.  Little Guy decided SUVs are trucks, but we needed a new category for vans, because they were different.
We ended up coming across a squirrel that let Little Guy get really close!
When we got home, we made a graph to see who the winner was.  I was going to have Little Guy use stickers for each car, truck, or van; but the numbers ended up being so high that I felt it best to just let him color.
And what's letter T week without making a city of trucks to play with?
We also worked on our cutting skills a little this week.  Little Guy really wants to cut, but still needs work on holding the paper while he cuts, so I made these little strips that are much easier for his little hands to hold.
The best part about the week was that a friend with a little boy told us about a Touch a Truck event downtown!  It was so perfect!  Little Guy got to see and touch lots of different trucks.  The first hour was "horn free," which was great, because Little Guy has always been sensitive to loud noises.
(See Little Guy's face in the tiny window?)
Not too much longer after the horn free hour was over, both boys were ready to go.  It started getting pretty loud!  It was a really cool experience, and Little Guy totally loved it!!

To top off our week, Little Guy had his end of the season party for T-ball (another T) during which he got a trophy!  Yay!  He had a blast playing with all of his T-ball friends!

The books we read this week are:

"Turtle's Adventure in Alphabet Town" by Janet McDonnell
(great into to all things T)

"Mighty Machines Trucks" by Mary Lindeen
(just basic truck info, but Little Guy loved it)

"Teddy Bears, Teddy Bears"
(a book that contains the rhyme and some pics of teddy bears doing the actions.  We read this one everyday and did the actions with it!)

"The Life Cycle of the Tiger" by Paula Z. Hogan
(nonfiction, not too much info to make it boring, but enough to learn something)

"Mouse T.V." by Matt Novak
(cute, about a mouse family who finds all the fun they can have when they turn off the t.v.)

"The Teeny Tiny Teacher" by Stephanie Calmenson
(remember the "where's myyyy boneee???" scary story from when you were younger?  This is it, but cute and kid friendly, and not remotely scary)

"Toad" by Ruth Brown
(eh.  Great vocab exposure, but.... eh.)

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