Letter F fun!

Since it's Fall, it seemed like the perfect time to introduce the letter F.  We started out the week discussing the sound it makes and trying to come up with some words that begin with f.  Little Guy got familiar with the shape and sound by gluing some feathers on a big letter F.
I usually have him paint glue on because if I just hand him the bottle we end up with a huge mess.  Plus, it's good practice for his grip.
It's little projects like these that I really love, because I get to see how differently Little Guy thinks than I do.  I had a pile of feathers out for him to use, thinking he would fill up the space with as many feathers as possible.  Turns out he's a much more practical kind of guy.  Just enough feathers to make an F were all he used.
We also did a couple of pages from the Kumon mazes book (at Little Guy's request).  Here's an example of the pages in the book.
We also did some prewriting practice pages from Over the Big Moon
During our week filled with letter F activities, we also had a Fire Safety Day, which you can read about HERE!  We discussed the importance of Fire Safety and acted out what we do in certain fire related situations.

Here's a pic of Little Guy crawling to stay low under the "smoke."
We also read a book about frogs, found a workbook page about thier life cycle, and made a cute frog puppet that I found at No Time for Flashcards
No Time for Flashcards is also where I found this adorable paper football.
He especially loved showing Dad when he got home from work!
As usual, we did our Find the F's story page, and Letter F writing practice sheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Little Guy is starting to get really good at his letter tiles page each week!  I guess I'm going to have to start using bigger words!
We finished our letter F week with a Fall wreath.  You can see how we made it and the adventure that it sparked HERE,   but here's a pic of the finished product.

The books we read this week were:

"Fox's Adventure in Alphabet Town,"  by Janet McDonnell
(Perfect.  The whole book is filled with words that begin with F)

"If I were a Firefighter," by Thomas Kingsley Troupe
(Got a round of applause from Little Guy at the end)

"Frogs," by Laura Driscoll
(Informative without being too boring)

"Kick the Football, Charlie Brown," adapted by Judy Katshce
(we read this because Little Guy has been into Peanuts lately, but boy, was this book terrible!)

"The Fall Festival," by Mercer Mayer
(We love the Little Critter books, but this was an I Can Read book, so there were a lot of short, choppy  sentences.  Little Guy still liked it though.)

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