Square Pumpkin Wall Art

This week we've been working on the letter P and all things pumpkin!  Today we read The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin.  Such a great book!  Little Guy even clapped at the end!  So in honor of Spookley, we made our own square pumpkin using Little Guy's fist and thumbprint.  It makes a cute little Halloween decoration to hang on the wall.

Here are the materials I thought I'd be using:
fingerpaint (red and yellow so we can mix to make orange)
a purple pipe cleaner (for the hanger)
a black foam vegetable tray (saved and washed)
some orange puffy paint I found in the dollar bin at Target

I let Little Guy do the mixing of the red and yellow and we observed how they make orange.  Sort of a review, but he always finds it fascinating.

Once we got started, I realized the fingerpaint was just not going to work.  It was much to thick and didn't transfer well (we had done a test run on a piece of paper).  So, I got out some acrylic paint, which worked much better.

Little Guy dipped his fist into the paint, pressed it down onto the foam tray, and voila! Square pumpkin.  He immediately went to wash his hand off (he hates being messy), and then came back for the thumb print.  Use green to make a thumbprint stem!

I got to work painting the year at the bottom while Little Guy washed his thumb.  He came back to the table and informed me that Spookley needed googly eyes.  Everything is better with googly eyes, so I obliged.  If he had googly eyes, he needed a mouth and nose, so that was that!  While I was adding a face to Spookly, I let Little Guy go wild with all that paint!  He had a blast!  Especially with the puff paint.  Something about squeezing out gooey paint is just thrilling to the little ones.  Who am I kidding?  It pretty fun no matter how old you are!

I used the puff paint to add Little Guy's name at the top.  While that was drying, I heated up my hot glue gun to glue the purple pipe cleaner to the back in a U shape so that I could hang it for Halloween!  I think it turned out pretty cute!

And here's a pic of Little Guy's artistic creation:

Of course we had to have a pumpkin themed lunch too!

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  1. That sandwich is adorable! Looks like a fun activity! :-)


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