Spaghetti Spider Web

I thought this was going to be a REALLY fun craft.....I found out that it was a really lonely craft!  Little Guy would absolutely not participate!  He doesn't like to be messy/sticky/dirty, so I suppose I should have anticipated that, but I guess I was hoping he would get into it since it was Halloween related.  Wrong.

You will need:
angel hair pasta (spaghetti would probably work just as well)
wax paper
black pompoms
pipe cleaner (cut in 3 parts)
hot glue gun

Start by boiling the pasta.  Drain and rinse with cold water (so the noodles don't stick together).

Fill a paper plate with glue and dip each noodle in, covering it with the glue.  Lay out the noodles on the wax paper to make a web shape.

Let dry overnight.

Hot glue 2 pompoms together to make spider body, then add pipe cleaner parts to underside for legs.

Peel web from was paper and hot glue spider to the center.

Once dry, place where you like for a cute Halloween decoration!  I hung mine up!

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  1. My little sister went throught that phase! She would even go so far as to change her clothes if she thought they were "dirty". Lol. Little ones are so funny!


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