H is for Halloween!

Since Halloween is next Monday, I thought this would be the perfect week to talk about the letter H. Little Guy was sick on Monday, but still wanted to do school time anyway.  It's usually his favorite time of the day, so I wasn't surprised when he wanted to do it even though I said we could skip it if he wanted.

I found these great prewriting practice sheets at Over the Big Moon 
That's also where I found these adorable Monster Matching puzzles:
You can see Little Guy found his letter H object to bring to school with that helicopter!

We did a really cute Spaghetti Spider web craft that you can find here.  It is really adorable, so I hung it up as a Halloween decoration!
I made an easy Halloween Board Game that we have been playing ALL WEEK!  Little Guy absolutely LOVES it!  We've played it pretty much everyday, a few times a day.  It's great because it's reinforcing Little Guy's counting skills, while teaching him patience, and how to be a good sport.  It's easy enough that he doesn't get overwhelmed by too many directions or it taking too long to reach the goal.  I think I'm definitely going to make one for each month/holiday.  I used Halloween cookie cutters for the outline of the ghost and haunted house, and then drew the path between them and colored everything.  We use a toy die and some Halloween erasers that I found while rummaging through our big pencil box.

I saw the most adorable idea for a Frankenstein Math game at No Time For Flashcards and completely copied it!!  Little Guy really liked it!  You just cut and paint toilet paper/paper towel tubes and straws.  Number removable stickers and stick one in front of each Frankenstein.  Your little one places the matching number of straws in the Frankenstein and there you have it!  A fun Halloween number matching game!
We also did our usual math worksheets and mazes, along with our Find the H's story and our Letter Tile Matching page.
We also took another walk to the pumpkin patch and carved a Jack o' Lantern!
Tonight we are going to paint these adorable masks I found at Michael's for $1 each!

The books we read this week are:

"Halloween" by Gail Gibbons
(Basically lays out a quick history of Halloween and how it works)

"Mouse's First Halloween" by Lauren Thompson
(cute little story about a mouse who is afraid of things he hears in the night, only to find out they are made by things that are not so scary after all)

"Ten Timid Ghosts" by Jennifer O'Connell
(a counting story)

"Halloween Safety" by Laura Alden
(In my opinion it was too old and out of date.  I don't need my child to know the safety tips for trick or treating alone because that will never happen.)

"The Night Before Halloween" by Natasha Wing
(Got a round of applause at the end from Little Guy)

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  1. Lots and lots of Halloween fun! So exciting! I very much look forward to this stage with Baby G. Looks like you guys really have a blast!


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