Manual Mode

I've been taking as many steps as possible to help myself slow down this summer:

Completely shifting TheWildFolkCo away from social media and turning it into a hobby, rather than a business.

Forcing myself to take the time to sit and pre-read this term's upcoming books.

Taking time for grounding outside every day.  Never heard of grounding?  It's also called Earthing and is based on the premise that our bodies and cells have electrical energy, and just like we ground electrical outlets to avoid the buildup of excess charge, our bodies need to be grounded as well.

I've even gone so far as to trade my smart phone in for a flip phone, and while I'm not sure that's going to last long (more on that in another post), it has been a wonderful detox.

After 5 years of owning a dslr, I've finally found the time to work on learning how to use it in manual mode.  I'll admit, part of me can't get past the whole idea that if auto mode knows what the settings should be, why not just use auto?  It has been challenging, and I still have a long way to go, but I'm getting there.

It also helps that I have the cutest test subjects.

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