They Need It Too

Some days are nothing short of exhausting.  When the kids have woken throughout the night, resulting in less than cheerful attitudes throughout the day.

Some days I feel as if I must be wearing a black dress with a white apron, because everyone seems to thinks I'm only there to serve them.

Some days I'm all mommed out.  And though my love for them is unfailing, what I think I want is a little break.

A break from them.

Jon offers to take them to the beach, so they can run around like little beasts, and for that I'm so grateful, but something in me usually seems to want to go too.

This is my break time - my chance at a moment of silence, but still, I go.

And I realize, it's not them that I need a break from.

It's life.

It's routine.

It's home.

And it's not just me.  They need it too.

They need this time to run like little beasts when the sun's harsh heat has begun to fade, and the gentle breeze of the ocean allows them to use up the energy that's been trying to press through the wrong outlets all day.

They need to see their parents, walking hand in hand in the evening light, watching them as they race up and down the sand and splash in the water.

Some days I don't go.  Some days do I choose to stay home and let them have their beastly boy time.

But on those days when I end up joining their adventure, I never seem to regret it.


Goodbye May

I'm not much for Summer time, but I do love me some May.  It's hot, but not stifling, and all the "regular" kids are still in school so we can have all the great swimming spots practically to ourselves.

Our most recent favorite is Alexander Springs.  It's the best we've been to for the little ones because you enter the water at about one foot depth, almost like a beach.

There are tons of picnic tables, grills, a gift shop, and restrooms.  Plus, a couple of hiking trails.

Cole found this "rootbeer leaf" (it smelled like flat soda), and couldn't resist making everyone take a whiff.

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, all the great swimming spots will undoubtedly be littered with families, busy making memories of their own.

And though I find it wonderful to see them out there, adventuring and enjoying the beauty of this little planet we call home, I can't help but wish for a little bit more May.  When the other families are back in school, and we have the place to ourselves.

There's something so magical that happens when you are out in nature on your own.  It's like the latch is lifted on your imagination and you can be anywhere, anyone, at any time.  I am able to envision more easily the Timucua people who inhabited the land in years long past, and what their life may have been like when the radio of the couple next to me isn't constantly pulling my awareness back to 2017.

We studied Florida history this year, and along with it, read a wonderful book about the Timucua people. They are fresh in our minds, so when Bent spotted a sign at the springs about the Timucua Indians, it was easy for us to imagine how they lived and where they may have hunted and fished.
(I will post an affiliate link to the book below for those of you who may be interested).

This is one thing homeschooling does for him that I very rarely saw during his stint in public school.  It allows him to really explore certain subjects with enough depth that it raises his awareness to the subject in the real world, naturally helping him to make connections.

I really blame the Charlotte Mason method for this, but that is a post for another day.

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