Natural Insect Repellent

Summer's nearly here, and everywhere I turn, someone is celebrating. Celebrating the end of the school year, more family togetherness, and outdoor adventure time.

We already have plenty of outdoor adventures and family time, but for us, summer means a huge increase in water activities and.....mosquitos.  The time for dousing ourselves in sun screen and bug spray is in full swing, so when I heard about Buglet Bracelets, I knew we definitely needed to try them.

Buglet sent us 2 bracelets and a bottle of their Bug Repellent Essential Oil Blend to try out for free, and they are so awesome!  

Buglets are basically slap bracelets (Yes! Like when we were kids), with a diffuser pad that slips on, making it look sort of like a watch, where you apply a few drops of the oil.  They sell diffuser pads in different colors, and even animal shapes, that are interchangeable, making them fun for littles, or "cool" for older kids.   

I love that the ingredients are just natural essential oils like Citronella, Lemongrass, etc., instead of harsh chemicals like other bug repellents.

Here in Florida, I think we might benefit from wearing one on our ankle in addition to the bracelet on our wrist, because the mosquitos are so prevalent here, but they do make a difference.  Normally, I'm the first one to want to leave when it's super buggy out, but when Cole took his Buglet off, I wore it for a while, and I was barely bothered!

Check out Buglet's Facebook page to see more of the bracelets in action!  

Have you tried Buglets?  Leave a comment, I'd love to hear how they worked for you!  


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