Hurricanes and Hair Brushes

The way Floridians feel about hurricanes is probably similar to the way a teenager feels about graduation day.  The anticipation is far more exciting than the actual event.  
Keeping true to our stereotype, we bought a pack of water for the house, and then headed for the beach!
Hurricanes and Tropical storms always carry the craziest things ashore.  Once, during a tropical storm, we found a Prayer Request Box from a church in the debris.  
Today, though, it was hair care day - we found a comb, a hairbrush, and a Barbie hairbrush.  The boys thought it was hilarious.  
Treasure hunts are always fun, but the most fun is finding yourselves in the act of creating a memory.  

flagler beach
HoneyBeeTrueCo tee

Toddler tee: 

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